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Airweb Technology™

Developed by Eveza®, Airweb Technology™ is a variation of the Through Air Dry (TAD) technology. Traditionally TAD is synonymous with providing extra absorbency achieved with a relatively low paper weight (GSM) thanks to an increase in porosity. This technology has been successful in achieving the aim it was created for and today TAD is available in a wide range of hand towel variations. 

One disadvantage associated with traditional TAD is the roughness of the paper which is the result of the paper going through a very intense drying program. Eveza's Airweb Technology™ has been created specifically to address this.

Airweb Technology™ achieves a softer result by taking the paper through two additional stages. After rigorous drying, the paper goes through a light moisture process, followed immediately by a cool blast which creates a moisturising and soft effect on the surface without effecting the porosity and absorbency at the centre.

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